How to choose patio furniture and enjoy outdoor living?

¿Quiere pasar tiempo en familia al aire libre en unas vacaciones soleadas? Elegir muebles de jardín adecuados no puede ser más importante.

With durable and comfortable dining set, a basic patio/balcony can be transformed into a dining area with charming ambiance. Sipping ice black tea after a long and hard day of work on the wicker sofa or rocking chair at the front porch, it is the most comfortable and relaxing way to spend time.

Outfit you balconies and gardens before summer time, so you won't miss any chance to enjoy the good weather outdoors. Thoughtful planning will ensure that your outdoor living space is beautiful and functional at the same time. Find out the following tips for choosing right patio furniture.

1. Decide the purpose

Let's begin by measuring the outdoor space you could use, then thinking about what kind of activity you would like do. Say you have a wide stone floor or wood deck in the backyard, inviting friends with their family for dinner or birthday party outdoors will be a great way to utilize the space. On the opposite, when flower garden and grass takes most of the space, have a cup of coffee and chat with your partner will be a good idea.

Rue Stackable Ratten Dinning Chair and Oslo Dining Table

2. Pick the items

After you decide the way to use outdoor space, it is time to choose the  furniture needed, different purpose requires varied furniture sets and quantity. If many people will come, a spacious dining table and several comfortable chairs are necessary. On the other hand, reading your favorite book and having coffee requires a chaise lounge or chair/soft with soft and wide cushion.

Monstera Accent Chair(Outdoor) and Sensilla Barstool

3. Try it out

Take your time having a seat before you buy. Due to the concern of durability, patio furniture might use harder, even all metal surface rather than cotton or leather surface that used on interior furniture. Therefore make sure you like the feeling and touch of them instead of judge by the design only.

Koppla Stackable Ratten Dinning Arm Chair and Russ Dining Table

4. Go for low maintenance

Patio furniture, also called outdoor furniture, is usually made of metal, teak, cedar, or all-weather wicker, therefore they can hold up when exposed to heat, cold, rain and snow. Try to keep them away from moisture, for in wet condition they are more likely to rust, grow mildew or mold. Applying maintenance and clean them regularly can keep the furniture in better shape, e.g. apply finish to metal material, sealer to teak. On the other hand, without maintenance they can still last for years as long as in dry and clean environment.  

Due to cushion might absorb moisture and rainwater, in pleases with more cloudy and rainy days, the cushion might need to be put indoors during the night to avoid the damp feeling.

Gardenia Club Chair and Uno Side Table

5. Store in off season

In snow or winter season, store the furniture in garage or basement could reduce exposal to extreme weather condition, hence extend their lifespan. The lighter the weight of furniture, the easier to move them around; furniture with castor is very useful too. The furniture that folds or can be easily taken apart can maximize the storage space as well. User who lives in places with long winter might consider storage condition a little more.

Tahiti Chaise Lounge

6. Match the colors

Patio furniture comes in many colors, from natural tones of wood to black, white, brown, blue, red and so on. It is very easy to get lost in the vast options, but always kept in mind to pick the color that fits the garden or exterior, some colors might look good separately, but feels a little bit odd after moved in. Generally speaking, furniture made of metal and synthetic material is with more and vivid colors.

Sensilla Stackable Patio Dinning Chair and Mallorca

7. Check the Quality

Like other interior furniture, the price range of patio furniture is very wide, but usually you get what you pay for. Therefore when shop in physical store, try to twist and shake the furniture a little to check the steadiness, and the quality of joint and fastener as well. When shop in online store, check consumer reports and reviews, the warranty and max load of product, if there are safety certifications it will even better.

Grace Ratten Dinning Arm Chair and Chloe Garden Table

8. Place a rug under

The outdoor rugs nowadays can be made of polypropylene, which resist UV, mildew and stain, being quick drying at the same time. Outdoor places can be same comfortable as indoors.

Iris Classic Club Arm Chair and Sprout 2-in-1 Round Side Table

*Benefits of choosing Lagoon furniture:

a. UV-resist:
UV stabilizers are added to the material. No maintenance is required.

b. Water-proof:
Most items are made of 100% Polypropylene, can be cleaned easily with cloth and water.

c. Light:
Polypropylene is lighter than wooden and metal furniture, less effort when moving furniture around, and storing into garage before winter.

d. Aesthetic:
Fashion and slim design with many colors to choose from.

e. Safety:
BIFMA or EN581 or JIS furniture safety standard certified.

f. Eco-friendly:
Made of nontoxic polypropylene.