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Lagoon Furniture Makes a Splash at January 2024 Americas Mart and Las Vegas Market Shows


Lagoon Furniture is an indoor/outdoor furniture brand committed to creating a wide array of high quality, high value, durable products which embody a unique blend of eclectic design influences, ergonomically-based comfort, and innovative use of modern materials. Now a firmly established industry veteran, Lagoon Furniture aims to build on the momentum of a highly successful 2023 by continuing to introduce great new products while continuing to deliver its core offerings of tried and true products to satisfied customers around the world.

Lagoon is excited to kick off the New Year at two of the industry’s highest profile events, the January 2024 Americas Mart and Las Vegas Market Shows, with a particular focus on expanding its portfolio of commercial customers including designers, caterers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and event planners. At these events, Lagoon will feature several product lines:




As demonstrated by its wildly successful 2023 premiere, the Cancún deserves a spot on every patio and poolside around. Serving equally as a versatile furnishing and truly unique conversation piece, the Cancún is an adjustable height cocktail, coffee, or side table and large-capacity beverage cooler in one. The Cancún keeps guests happy and hydrated all day long. Highly durable, easy to clean, and available in 6 vibrant colors.

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Lagoon Furniture is proud to premiere two new tables for 2024.



Inspired by the famous St. Mark’s Square, the Venice Table is Lagoon’s newest signature piece. With its lean, simple, and elegant profile, the Venice fits perfectly on balconies and in courtyards and commercial spaces. Constructed entirely of plastic which incorporates the best anti-UV agent available, the Venice will stand up to the toughest conditions without fading or degrading. Available in a range of 4 tasteful colors.
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The Seattle 2-in-1 Round Dining/Coffee Table is the latest of Lagoon’s distinguished adjustable-form offerings. Perfect as either a 29.5in dining table or 16.9in coffee table, the Seattle brings a touch of subtle sophistication to any environment it’s in. Designed and constructed with stability and durability in mind, the Seattle can be used indoors or out and will provide value in commercial and residential applications for years to come. Available in 4 colors.
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Lagoon Furniture’s signature Bar and Counter Stools feature in venues around the world. Whether you’re a restaurateur, designer, or supplier, you can rely on Lagoon Outdoor Bar Stools to deliver high-value, low cost, and low maintenance performance for years.


Lagoon’s Rue Series combines both East and West and classic and contemporary influences into a truly unique piece. Elegant and utilitarian at once, the Rue’s woven rattan look adds exotic texture to your space. Durable and beautiful, available in 4 subtle earth tones and white.



Lagoon’s Milos Series is distinguished by its minimalist, slatted aesthetic. With both backrests and footrests, the Milos Series keeps customers comfortable and consuming for as long as possible. Highly durable, easy to clean and stack, available in 6 especially tasteful colors for your fit out.



Lagoon’s Sensilla Series is distinguished by its lean, elegant, modern design and its eye-catching range of 9 colors. Crafted from lightweight and durable polypropylene, Sensilla seats are equally comfortable and durable, the ideal combination for all commercial outdoor applications.


Come and see why Lagoon Furniture will continue to capture market share globally throughout 2024!

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