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Outdoor Bar Stools With Backs

Meet Our Bar Stool with Backs Collection

Welcome to our bar stools with backs collection, including both indoor or outdoor, counter or tall bar stools – inviting you to indulge in comfort and an aesthetic lifestyle.

Embrace sustainability with the Sensilla Resin Counter Stool and Sensilla Resin Bar Stool, crafted from easily recyclable P.P. materials, making a charming eco-conscious statement.

Discover the Milos Resin Bar Stool and Milos Resin Counter Stool, featuring a curved-back design that embraces and supports all body types.

For a relaxed vibe outside, try the Rue Rattan Counter Stool and Rue Rattan Bar Stool. They're woven and add a chill touch to your outdoor space, making it the perfect hangout.

Whether you're aiming for modern sustainability, ergonomic excellence, or casual outdoor vibes, our bar stools with backs are tailored to meet your diverse needs.

Why Choose Lagoon’s Bar Stools with Backs

Our collections of bar stools with backs are designed with your comfort and style in mind. Apart from impeccable durability, our contemporary design with multiple color options makes our stools the best choice, either for your indoor or outdoor settings. Take a closer look at our advantages!

Stackable for Convenient Storage

Effortlessly declutter your space, our chairs offer a practical and space-saving solution for easy storage without compromising on style.

All Weather-Resistant

Crafted from non-toxic, heat-resistant polypropylene and fortified with UV-resistant agents, our products guarantee an extended lifespan and color protection, ideal for year-round use in various climates.

Environment-Friendly Materials

Crafted from sustainable and resilient PP material, our products provide an eco-friendly touch to elevate your outdoor space.

Easy Care, Wipe with a Cloth and Water (Easy Maintenance)

Experience the ultimate in easy care, a simple wipe with a cloth and water is all it takes to maintain the appearance.

Sturdy Support up to 250 LB

Indulge in robust comfort, our chairs provide sturdy support for weights up to 250 lbs.

Broad Domestic Network

Our presence in multiple cities, with sales outlets and warehouses, ensures the swift availability of products and efficient after-sales service.

One-Piece Design

Our one-piece design chairs present a seamless and cohesive look that enhances both aesthetics and convenience.

BIFMA Certified

Complying with rigorous BIFMA standards that endorse stability, strength, and fatigue performance, our products prioritize safety and adhere to industry regulations.

Pairing Options

Various pairing options are available, allowing you to customize and complement your outdoor space with ease and endless possibilities.
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Bar Stool

A bar stool with backs is the perfect seating solution for furnishing your home or commercial space. Our bar stools come in versatile designs and features, making them the most popular choice for house decor. Let’s explore more about the features and designs!

Key Benefits of Bar Stools With Backs

  • Enhanced Comfort: The added back support ensures a cozy seating experience, perfect for extended periods of use.
  • Improved Posture: Enjoy better spinal alignment as the backrest naturally guides you into an upright position. This feature helps reduce the risk of slouching, promoting healthier posture and reducing potential back issues.
  • Safety Matters: Bar stools with backs provide an extra layer of safety by minimizing the risk of falling backward or slipping off the stool. The backrest acts as a reliable support, enhancing overall stability.
  • Durability Matters: Built robustly to withstand the weight against them, bar stools with backs often boast increased durability compared to their backless counterparts. Choose longevity and stability for your seating solution.
  • Versatile Design Available: Not only do they offer comfort, but they also become a stylish addition with a variety of designs and materials that complement your space's decor and theme.


Different Types of Bar Stools with Backs

  • Swivel: Allowing you to turn 360 degrees while seated
  • Armrests: Providing a place for your hands to rest for extra comfort and support
  • Footrest: Providing a place to rest your feet for a more comfortable sitting position
  • Height-Adjustable: Choosing adjustable bar stools to sit with your preferred height
  • Stackable: Saving more space and stored more easily when not in use
  • Ergonomic: Making your posture look well-supported during long periods of sitting


Different Back Designs

Bar stools with backs also have a wide range of backrest designs. There are 3 types of back designs to be named: full back, low back, and backless.

Full Back Bar Stools

These stools are designed with a full backrest that extends from the seat to the top, ensuring your back and spine are fully supported when resting. They are perfect for extended periods of sitting situations, such as enjoying a meal or watching a game at a home bar.

Low Back Bar Stools

These stools offer a more modern look. With shorter backrest designs, it adds a touch of elegance to the space with mobility. They are perfect for areas where you want to maintain a spacious feel while still having some extent of back support.

Our popular low bar or counter stools include Joyous Resin Bar Stool and Joyous Resin Counter Stool.

Backless Bar Stools

Backless bar stools don’t have any support for your back at all, creating a lightweight and low-profile touch to your home decor. They are perfect for limited space as they can be placed and stored easily.


Bar Stool vs. Counter Stool

It is essential to understand the difference between bar stools and counter stools before buying as bar stools and counter stools have distinct height variations.

Bar stools are designed for use with higher bar-height surfaces, typically measuring 29″ to 30″ inches in height. These high stools with backs are perfect seating solutions for bars, pub tables, or kitchen islands.

Counter stools, on the other hand, are meant for use with lower counter-height surfaces, typically measuring 25″ to 26″ inches in height.

Choosing the right height guarantees that you can comfortably sit and enjoy your space more. Click here to learn more about the secret of counter and bar height stools!

If you are looking for adjustable bar stools, our Köln Adjustable Bar Stool with Cushion and Köln Adjustable Bar Stool may meet your needs.


How to Choose the Right Bar Stools

There are several things to consider when choosing the right bar stools:

Find Your Perfect Height to Sit Comfortably:

Discover your ideal bar stool height by subtracting just under a foot from your table or counter. This would normally keep around 10 to 12 inches between the seat and the table.

Maximize Your Space with Clever Designs:

Choose a clever design with stackable or adjustable height bar stools. They effortlessly tuck away under counters or seamlessly slide against tables when not in use. Choose options that match your space vibe, creating a flow that feels just right.

Select Your Style to Suit Your Home Decor:

Let your style shine with choices ranging from laidback charm to chic modern designs. Keep in mind to have paring options to build a more complete vibe in your space.

All-Weather Resistance for Your Outdoor Space:

If you are looking for bar stools for your patios and gardens, choose ones with enduring quality with all-weather resistance. These stools promise waterproof durability for a stylish and comfy outdoor experience, rain or shine.

Discover Your Dream Bar and Counter Stools with Lagoon

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