Q1:Are you a direct factory?
A1:Sure, our production facilities, located in Tijuana, Mexico, was established in 1989. We have been manufacturing resin products for over 30 years. We design, produce, and promote our own commercial grade furniture to the market.

Q2:Do you have products in stock?
A2:Yes, we have warehouse in Miami, San Diego, Tijuana and Taiwan.

Q3:What makes Lagoon Furniture so special?
A3:Our products with a wide range of modern designs, good quality, and reasonable price, are extensively used in restaurants, hotels, cafes, poolside areas, yachts and even baseball stadiums. You can find more details here.

Q4:What is your MOQ for shipping?
A4:The MOQ depends on the item or model, please contact us for any inquiries. Any orders within the United States will be delivered within 5-7 business days.

Q5:Can you send a sample for our reference?
A5:As usual we will send out a sample at retail cost. The shipping cost will then be covered by the buyer.

Q6:Any instructions on product assembly?
A6:Instructions are provided with each product. We want to ensure our end customers have a quick and easy assembly process.

Q7:What is the lead time for bulk production?
A7:It depends on availability. Please contact us in advance.

Q8:Which payment method do you provide?
A8:We accept T/T and US issued credit card.

Q9:Can I request a printed catalog?
A9:Yes, please contact us to request a catalog.
Q1:How to check store hours and location?
A1:Please refer to "Store Locations."

Q2:Are all the products being displayed in the store?  
A2:The displayed products are slightly different in each store, therefore if you want to check curtain item, please call the store to confirm. Lagoon furniture have a wide selection of colors, only part of the colors will be displayed, please check with the staff for color sample.
Q1:What is product warranties?
A1:For furniture that we sold, we offer one-year warranty.

Q2:I want to make a proposal or form cross-industry alliance, how do I do?
A2:Please contact us through contact for further discussion.

Q3:I had saw Lagoon in domestic / oversea exhibition, and I want to be agent / distributor, how do I do?
A3:Please contact us through contact for further discussion.