FAQs for customer
     Q1:Where can I purchase Lagoon furniture?

Ans:Lagoon furniture products are sold in the following e-channels, such as: Macy’s.com, Amazon.com, Home Depot.com, Overstock.com, Lowes.com, Target, Rooms to Go, Nebraska Furniture Marts (NFM), and RUE GILT GROUPE.All products on the e-commerce sites are sold with FREE UPS or FedEx shipping.

     Q2:Is assembly required? Also is there an assembly service available?
Ans:Several of our products require assembly. We provide a quick user guide to ensure an easy assembly process.
     Q3:Does the product have warranty?
Ans:We provide a one-year warranty for all products from Lagoon Furniture. Please contact the stores / e-commerce sites where you originally purchased the products for a warranty claim. Most of our products are commercial grade with contract level certifications, i.e., BIFMA, EN581. This means that our products are very safe and durable under normal use.
     Q4:What is the best way to maintain products from Lagoon furniture?
Ans:Our furniture requires truly little maintenance, since most of our furniture is made up of polypropylene. What this means is that it can be cleaned easily with a cloth and water.

For more details, please refer to our article about How To Protect and Maintain Patio Furniture and How to clean outdoor patio furniture cushions.

     Q5:Can Lagoon furniture be placed outdoors, and sustain high humidity and direct rays of sunlight?
Ans:Our outdoor furniture is made up of grade A materials (polypropylene) sourced within the USA, and it is certified for commercial use (BIFMA and EN581). It is durable against all-weather elements. Resistant to rain, snow, UV rays, water, mold, and mildew.
     Q6:I have cats/dogs, will the sofa cushions get dirty very easily? Should I buy spare cushions?
Ans:Our cushions are made up of outdoor quality materials that ensure a strong resistance to weather. If your cat/dog has a tendency to chew or damage cushions, it is recommended to buy spare cushions.

We only sell cushion covers for our Magnolia series on Amazon right now. If you need covers of other cushions, please contact us via our Contact us option.

     Q7:Does Lagoon Furniture provide customization service? Can color and size be adjusted according to requirement?
Ans:Unfortunately, we do not provide customization service, the color and size of our products is fixed.
     Q8:Are Lagoon furniture products for outdoor use only?
Ans:Our outdoor series can also be used for indoors, if the decoration is appropriate. Some of our customers do use our outdoor series options indoors. Some indoor chairs will not be recommended for outdoor use because the legs might be made of metal which will then begin to rust due to humidity and rain.
     Q9:Is there a discount for corporation procurement?
Ans:Yes, there is a discount for corporation procurement, please reach out to us through our Contact us option, and we will follow up promptly.
     Q10:I have a restaurant, and I want to know which product of Lagoon Furniture is suitable for restaurants and cafeterias.
Ans:Our tables / chairs are certified with BIFMA and EN581 for commercial and restaurant use. There are several dining chairs to choose from, you can choose the proper model or models according to your decoration style needs. To make your space more flexible and practical, we recommend some counter and bar stool options as well. Please click Dining to know more about furniture that is suited for restaurant use.
     Q11:Is there any furniture suitable for pool side use?
Ans:Yes, our chaise lounge is very suitable for poolside use. As well as our outdoor coffee table and or side table options to pair with our chaise lounge. Please click Pool Side to know more about furniture that suit for pool side use.
     Q12:Is there furniture suitable for garden use?
Ans:Yes, in fact, Lagoon Furniture has featured garden furniture for a long time. We provide many kinds of garden furniture, i.e., dining chairs, club chairs, sofas, chaise lounges and so on. Most of them have many color options to choose from. Please click Garden & Patio to know more about furniture that is suited for Garden use.
     Q13:I have a smaller living room, could you recommend furniture suitable for a smaller living room?
Ans:Sure, people who live in urban areas are usually bothered with a lack of living room space. We have found this situation to be quite common in many areas of the world. Our Magnolia series provides the flexibility of choosing the number of seats you need. Therefore it suits small living rooms particularly well. Please click Make the most of your small living room with Lagoon sectional for more practical information for arranging furniture in a small living room.