How to clean outdoor patio furniture cushions

The fabric of Lagoon cushions is inherent water repellent thanks to the nature of polypropylene. If you wish to enhance the repellent effect, you could spray water repellent over the fabric after washing. Since water repellent can not 100% prevent water infiltrating, the cushions will still get soaked under rain after certain period of time.

Although there is a zipper on the cushion, removing the inner foam out of the cushion might lead to unable to place it back as the original shape, since fitting the corner of foam to the cushion edge could be a little tricky, not to mention batting might fall off during the take-off and put-back process. So how to wash outdoor cushions? Cleaning the cushion as a whole would be a wise idea for users who have no much confidence on the handicrafts.

1. Basic cleaning

Although we usually will not spew crumbs like the Cookie Monster, some crumbs or small chip may still fall on the cushions after we enjoyed some yummy snacks. You could use the vacuum cleaner to clean the small crumbs in a fast and efficient way.

Vacuum the crumbs

Vacuum the crumbs

To fully enjoy yourself, having some beverage along with the food is the key. If you accidentally spill coke, coffee, wine or other drink that has color, blot it with paper towel or dry absorbent cloth right way, it might leave no stain thanks to the water-repellent feature of the polypropylene fabric of the cushion.

Clean spill paper towel at once!

Clean the spill with paper towel at once!

The real challenge is cleaning sauce, such as catch up or BBQ sauce, for they have strong color and oil. To minimize the trouble, first blot it with paper towel or dry absorbent cloth right way, or use a credit card or boxboard to sweep it. For the residual stain, , mix a solution of ¼ cup of dishwashing into a gallon of lukewarm water, spray the solution on the affected area, wait a few minutes to soft the residual, then use sponge or soft bristle brush to clean the residual out, after that wipe the area with rag dipped in clean water, until no suds could be seen. If above procedure does not working very well, refer to overall cleaning procedures. The bird droppings can be treated in the same way.

Since regular cleaning could keep the furniture looking new and neat for longer time, use soft brush or vacuum to remove surface dirt and dust on the cushions about once a week or two weeks, depends on your environment, to prevent dirt from sticking inside the fabric. For dirt that hard to aclean, follow the procedure of solution washing as above.

Clean catch up

Clean the catch up

2. Overall Cleaning:

Like daily maintenance, sweep the surface with brush or vacuum, spray all sides with solution of ¼ cup of dishwashing into a gallon of lukewarm water, use sponge or soft bristle brush to clean thoroughly, then rinse with clean water until no suds could be seen.

If there is remained stain, mix a solution ¾ cup bleach per gallon of water, and test the solution in an inconspicuous place for color-fastness. If the result shows no sign of discoloration, wipe the stain area with the solution, wait for about 5 minutes, then rinse with a large volume of water thoroughly. This process is also helpful when dealing with mold and mildew.

After the cleaning is over, squeeze the water out of cushion gently, if you happen to have a water extractor, it will be very handy. Air dry the cushion with zipper side down and unzipped. Do not put the cushion into a dryer or use a steamer to remove wrinkles, since it might deform the cushion. It is nice to know how to wash outdoor cushions.

There is no problem pressure washing the furniture frame, but avoid pressure washing the cushion since it might accidentally damage the stitch line.

Clean stain with solution

Clean stain with solution

Hope above tips about how to wash outdoor cushions could help you enjoy Lagoon furniture for longer and better! Lagoon enables you to lead a good life!