Outdoor Counter Height Bar stools & Patio Bar Chairs

Choosing the outdoor counter height bar stools for your bar is a little different from dining chair. Not only style and comfort must be taken into account, the height is the key point you need to check before putting an order. 

Below is a quick guide to helping you choose the most suitable bar height patio chairs for your breakfast bar or home bar.

To determine what kind of outdoor counter height bar stools and bar stools will suit you, measure the height of your bar or counter first. In order to have a comfortable sitting position, the seat height should be 9”-13” lower than the bar/counter. 

Seat heights of Lagoon chair are generally 17.3” or 17.7”, they can pair with Lagoon table that heights of 29.1” or 29.5”. 

Seat height of Lagoon counter stools is 25.6”, so far there is no counter table in Lagoon product line yet, but counter height between 35” to 39” would be a good match. 

Seat heights of bar height patio chairs are generally 27.6” or 29.5”, they can pair with Lagoon bar table that height of 41.7”.

The bar size is usually affected by the layout, therefore seating clearances should be taken into account when determining the number of bar stools, in order to make sure that people will feel comfy when having food or conversation. The suggested minimum width of each seat is 24”, and width of 30” will be more spacious.

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