Lagoon Furniture Presents at Atlanta’s Two Highest-Profile July Furnishing Events!


Lagoon Furniture proudly returns to the Peach State for both the Casual Market Atlanta and the Atlanta Market events in July 2024. If this sounds confusing, it shouldn’t! Each event is world class, and worth attending in its own right. In fact, they’re both so good that Lagoon Furniture decided to set up at both and will liven things up a bit this year with a redesigned exhibition space featuring a fresher and more elegant style.

Lagoon Furniture is a well-established and highly regarded indoor/outdoor furnishing designer, producer, and vendor committed to generating consistently industry-leading products for both commercial and domestic applications. Lagoon Furniture’s ever-expanding lines of high quality, high value, durable products are most notable for their unique combination of old-school, exotic, and cutting-edge design influences, ergonomically-based comfort, and innovative use of modern materials. Lagoon Furniture - always classic, yet always innovating.

Lagoon Furniture is pleased and honored to announce that one of its products has been selected to be featured in the Atlanta Market’s 2024 MARKET SNAPSHOT program. The Market Snapshot chooses only the newest and best from amongst thousands of entries. Lagoon Furniture’s bold and whimsical Monstera Chair made the grade for July 2024! You’ll be surprised when you settle into comfort of the Monstera’s truly inimitable design.

Lagoon Furniture will kick off its July at the Casual Market Atlanta, running from July 15-18. Centerpieces of the new show will be several signature Lagoon Furniture products most ideally suited to helping you set up quickly and easily for a festive summer season. If you haven’t already, meet the Venice Dining Table and Milos Dining Chair, the latter of which comes in 2 equally excellent variations.

Already an instant classic, Lagoon’s Venice Dining Table is a lean, sleek, and exquisitely balanced piece which immediately up-levels any environment. Conceived and constructed as one of Lagoon’s sturdier furnishings, the Venice will deliver elegant value season after season in any climate. Especially well-suited for commercial applications whether indoors or out, this timeless item will remain as dependable as it is elegant for years to come. Available in 4 tasteful, versatile colors and pairs especially well with any of Lagoon’s dining chairs.

Tahiti Outdoor Chaise Lounge
Penguin Dining Arm Chair

Lagoon’s Milos Dining Chair and Armchair models pair especially well with the Venice Dining Table. Designed with style, comfort, and durability top of mind, both Milos configurations feature ergonomic design to keep customers happy eating, drinking, or just chilling as long as their social engagements last. Milos’ simple elegance brings a touch of class to any environment, indoors or out. All Milos chairs clean, move, and stack with ease, and will for years to come. Available in 5 colors meant to accompany the Venice Dining Table especially harmoniously.

Lagoon Furniture will also display from July 16-22 at the Atlanta Market. Customers can expect to see a full range of what makes Lagoon Furniture exceptional in the field, in addition to this year’s featured items drawn from Lagoon’s Gardening Line, the Provence Planters. Available in low and non-stoop heights, these planters are designed to maximize water efficiency and root aeration at once, and will stand up to years of use in the harshest of conditions. Perfect for hobby gardeners of all levels.

Adirondack Chair

Don’t miss your chance to experience Lagoon Furniture this July in Atlanta - you’ve got two great opportunities!


Market Snapshot at Atlanta Market