Chaise Lounges Buying Guide

The chaise lounge is the perfect outdoor furniture that provides a luxurious and comfortable spot to sit back and relax, and it goes best with backyards that equipped pools. With full-body support and an angled back, the chaise lounge is ideal for relaxing, napping, sunbathing, reading, or just watching the time goes by, especially in the summertime.

We provide below chaise lounge buying guide so you can purchase the chaise lounge without worry.

1. What is Good about the Chaise Lounge

The chaise lounge is a long chair, with an adjustable back rest so you can select the right angle for maximum comfort.

It is the perfect for yards with pools, positioning a couple of chaise lounges next to the pool to work on your tan, and swim a bit anytime when the sun is too burning.

Decks or patios are also very good for the chaise lounge, you could hang out with your best friend, sip your favorite refreshing summer drink, enjoy the beautiful scenery all together.

There is only one thing that needs to pay attention to, since the chaise lounge sits closer to the ground than sofa or chair, remember to check if the elder people in your family could sit down and stand up from the chaise lounge without issue.

Tahiti chaise lounge
Tahiti chaise lounge

2. What Size of Space does the Chaise Lounge need

Before you start choosing the right chaise lounge, keep in mind that chaise lounge takes more square footage than a bench, it could as long as a three seats sofa. Therefore it is very important to make sure that you have enough space to place the chaise lounge.

The dimensions of chaise lounge are usually in below range:

Max Length: 73”~80”

Max Height: 35”~40”

Width: 25”~30”

Seat height: 11”~12”

The dimensions of Lagoon Tahiti chaise lounge are:

Length: 63.8”~76”

Height: 15.3”~34.6” (four recline angles available.)

Width: 25”

Seat height: 11.4”

Hence Tahiti chaise loungeis a common size one.

When you are designing the layout, remember to make sure the adjustable back rest at the lowest position will not interfere with the surroundings.

Also, if you will put two or more chaise lounge side by side, we recommend to have a two to three feet spacing between each chaise lounge, and a pathway in front or behind of it; if an umbrella might be positioned, check the size of the stand in advance. Good planning to make sure there will be ample space to walk around. 

Tahiti Chaise Lounge
Have a two to three feet spacing between

3. What Color is the Good for you

If you’re buying a chaise lounge made of plant material, the available colors will be wood ones. On the contrary, Tahiti chaise lounge is made of resin material, so it provides black, brown, gray, white colors. You can have a modern look by choosing black or white, or a sober design with brown or gray. Thanks to latest injection molding technique, Tahiti chaise lounge has very detailed wicker texture all the top, creating superior style and quality. 

Tahiti Chaise Lounge
Black, brown, gray, white color available.

4. Accessorize the Chaise Lounge

The chaise lounge is chosen, now it is time to enhance the comfort. Putting the cushion on is a good way to soften the seat surface, you could purchase Tahiti cushion for Tahiti chaise lounge, made of synthetic fiber, blue or dark grey color available.

The side tables is another must-have, not only it can form a complete set with chaise lounge, but you can put your favorite icy beverage nearby, or put down your book to  take a nap.
Lagoon Mallorca Coffee Table Series provide same colors of Tahiti chaise lounge, and a small but sufficient squares top with 14.8” side length, very handy 14.6” height, it can make an ideal couple with Tahiti chaise lounge.

Tahiti Chaise Lounge
Tahiti Chaise Lounge with Mallorca Rattan Coffee Table

5. Store the Chaise Lounge

If you live in the area where the winter is long and harsh, it will be better to store the chaise lounge to avoid snow and ice, you could extend the lifetime of it by doing so.

Due to Tahiti chaise lounge is made of resin, it would not rust by salty sea air or water, you can even put it inside shallow pool (No, it would not float on the surface, so do not throw it into swimming pool.)  It only weights 20.7lbs and can be dissembled in just a few minutes, and best of all, all the parts can be stored inside its box-shape body and carry away by hand, the process can be done by one person without much effort.

Dissembled Tahiti chaise lounge can be put inside the trunk, therefore its mobility makes it can be used not only by the pool, but in the camping yard or shoreline as well. What a multifunction piece!

Can Be Dissembled Into Box Shape

We hope this buying guide has given you all the information you need, wish you a happy shopping!

Sizes and colors of Tahiti Chaise Lounge and Mallorca Coffee Tables
Sizes and colors of Tahiti Chaise Lounge and Mallorca Coffee Tables