Turn Kitchen Into Your Work Station

As working from home becomes more popular lately, it’s important to ensure that you are set up to be productive, and a functional workspace is one of the key factors.

If you want to be reachable when your kids need you, sit at the kitchen island table on Lagoon Sensilla Counter Stool, work with the laptop, and watch your kids doing their homework or having some snacks. And letting kids see you work hard can greatly influence their future career choices and attitude toward work.

Lagoon Sensilla Counter Stool
Lagoon Sensilla Counter Stool in the Kitchen

If it requires a private and quiet space for your work. You can create a separate work area and use it just for work, not for other activities. A high table with Lagoon Sensilla Barstool is both space saving and kind of isolated from the surroundings. You could even work in standing position every once in a while to refresh yourself for a little bit. 

Sensilla Resin Bar Stool
Sensilla Resin Bar Stool with High Table

If you happen to own a warm, inviting space in the basement, equipped with game room, bar, pool table, dart board and so on, for the kids to hang out, for family and friends to stay, and for hosting holidays and parties. Sensilla Counter Stool and Barstool is good choice for all your needs.
And when this basement is not in having activity, it can be a luxury and charming office that is very quiet and good for staying focus.


Sensilla Resin Bar Stool
Sensilla Resin Bar Stool in the Basement

Regards Sensilla series:
“Sensilla” is taken from the Spanish words “Sencillo” and “Silla” which means simple. This chair may be simple in design but has a cool, modern style of its own. It comes in an array of astonishing colors that will bring fun and life into your living space. The simple yet elegant design is great for indoor or outdoor use. They compliment any living space!

Available Colors
Available Colors of Sensilla Barstool/ Counter Stool