'Cloffice' might be the best place to be working from home

It is almost a year since the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us start working from home during the lockdown period. At the beginning we thought (optimistically) this situation will only last for a few weeks. But then the weeks turned into months, and later the months have turned into a year, right now it seems that the work locations of a good portion of people will not be the office anymore once and for all.

For people who have no experience of working from home (more than just a couple of overtime hours!), we sadly found out working from home is not as wonderful as we imagine it to be. Apart from you need to embarrassingly show your colleagues what your space looks like in video conferencing, and hope your energetic children will not toddle in when it is your turn to speak (Remember how the two kids unexpectedly joined their father, when he was on Live BBC News interview in his home office?), the prominent challenge, maybe the hardest one for people who are used to quiet office space, is facing all the annoying sound, such as barking dogs, TV sound, or even ice cream truck! It just difficult to stay focused like in the office.

Child Photo by Steven Libralon on Unsplash
Happy Invaders!

As we search for refuge anywhere possible—behind closed bedroom doors, out on the patio when weather is good, or even inside our closets. And the closets have some unique features: a personal isolated tiny space (do you miss the cubicle?), certain degree of acoustic insulation, good way to separate working and living environment, and best of all, a place without interruptions. This is why the "cloffice" becomes more and more popular recent days.

closet Photo by Jamesthethomas5 on Unsplash
A closet with good potential to be a cloffice

To make a good cloffice, you need chair and desk with proper height, and good light. The chair should be comfort for sitting many hours, and also with good support so you feel energetic all day long; the desk should be wide enough to put all your working tools on it; for the light bulb of closet might be too dim for looking at a computer screen or doing paperwork, replace it with brighter bulb should be considered.

If you want to further improve the mood at work, you could painting the wall, hanging wallpaper or your favorite posters to have a more beautiful and personal space.

Minimalist cloffice
Sensilla Bar Stool in minimalist cloffice

When you settle to work all day long without noticing any interruption, all your efforts of creating the cloffice pay off. Have a nice day at work and enjoy your cloffice!