Modern Patio Dining Sets: Best Choice of Outdoor Leisure Time

Do you like to enjoy eating al fresco on your patio or balcony? Don't miss these modern patio dining sets! The tables are with simple-and-classic single-pillar design, and the tops are crafted of polypropylene resin in a weather-resistant finish, making them not only the perfect platforms for appetizers, dinner, and drinks, but also easy-to-clean afterward. The chairs match the table design of simplicity, and provide several pastel colors to enrich the color scheme of your patio or balcony.


The Heron-4 table is both practical and charming, and could be an important role when picking modern patio dining sets. The table top is made from UV-resistant plastic, while pillar and base are made of metal to achieve good stability.

HERON-4 Table and Penguin Leisure Chairs
Dining Set: HERON-4 Table and Penguin Leisure Chairs

The Heron-1 table is very similar to Heron-4 except: 1. the diameter of Heron-1 is 70cm, shorter than the 90cm of diameter of Heron-4, therefore the Heron-1 would suit small areas better. 2. Heron-1 provides both all white and white and black color, while Heron-4 has white and black color only. Regards other features, it is the same on both tables: practical and charming design, good for modern patio dining sets, UV-resistant plastic table top, metal pillar and base for good stability.

HERON-1 Table and Penguin Modern Chairs
Dining Set: HERON-1 Table and Penguin Modern Chairs


The chair that named as La Vie, which means “the life” in French, may be simple in design but has a cool, modern style of its own. It comes in an array of six colors, pastel colors mainly, that will bring fun and life into your living space. The simple yet elegant design of the La Vie chair makes for a comfortable ergonomic sitting piece that is great for indoor or outdoor use. The curved back offers good support, while the chair legs are designed for stability. These chairs compliment any living space!

OULU-1 Table and La Vie Chairs
Dining Set: OULU-1 Table and La Vie Chairs
This uniquely designed of penguin series will definitely add style to any modern patio dining sets. It is skillfully crafted in the silhouette of a cute and fluffy penguin gracefully sliding on the ice. Its ergonomic back allows you to recline into comfort while providing good support. It comes in an array of six colors, making the penguin series surely to be a conversational piece in any patio or balcony!
Penguin Modern Chair
Penguin Modern Chair