How to set up an outdoor party table

Summer is the best time to have a fun and relax outdoor party to enjoy the good weather! We can gather our family and friends in the outdoor living spaces for food or games or even a dip in the pool! In this post, we wanted to get you started with a few of all-time favourite decorations for outdoor summer party table!


1.Use attractive outdoor furniture

Whether your outdoor spaces are intended for vibrant social gatherings, lazy afternoons, or meditative solitude, patio furniture is key. 
The amount of quests varies each time, that is why you should take a look at Lagoon furniture, which provides tables in many different layouts. The vivid rattan style Oslo Family Dining Table can seat 6 people, the Oslo Dining Table and Duo Russ Dining Table can seat 4 people, the Russ Dining Table can seat 2 people. You can put tables side by side to make a long table as well. 

Outdoor Dining Sets

Patio furniture comes in many colors, from natural tones of wood to black, white, brown, blue, red and so on. It is very easy to get lost in the vast options, but always kept in mind to pick the color that fits the garden or exterior, some colors might look good separately, but feels a little bit odd after moved in. Lagoon rattan tables are earth tone, such as black, brown, gray, tan and white, hence not only letting the tables suit many decor schemes easily, but making the food and beverage more delicious and eye-catching. 

Outdoor Dining Sets

The good features of Lagoon rattan tables includes easy to clean, water washable, good for all-weather, and light to move. You don’t need to worry about weather change anymore, the rain won’t harm the tables. And the after party cleaning would be much easier for it only takes cloth and water. 

Speaking of getting comfortable furniture is not as easy as it might sound. You need to consider a bunch of features, including the design, and the maximum weight limit, the effort of maintenance, and so on. You could choose rattan chairs like Koppla Stackable Rattan Dining Arm, Rue Stackable Rattan Dining Chair, or simple design ones like Alissa Stackable Patio Dining Arm Chair, Sensilla Stackable Patio Dining Chair
Create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of with ease and Lagoon rattan tables to make the guests wow and enjoy the party atmosphere.

2.Set up food and drink stations

As you get started, think about where you’re going to put the stations. Will you use a bar cart, table or countertop? Lagoon rattan style tables collections is also with bar table, such as Russ Bar Table, you could putting some finger foods on it to make it easier to take and more appealing.
We suggest to facilitate the DIY food stations, such as salad bar, skewer bar, nacho bar, bagel bar or waffle bar. Since everything on the food stations is geared towards offering DIY options, not only the guests could make their own food with various flavors & toppings as the way they want, but you will also find that guests pick and try a few things, then go back to make some changes, therefore food stations play a key role in helping keep people moving and the party atmosphere going, and best of all, you can also enjoy the party yourself. Beside popular food station in above, it is very wise to make adjustment in the food combination according to your area, season, time of the day, and guest type, to make sure to put a smile on every guest's face! With a little more thought and effort, the food stations will become the focal point of your party decorations.
Do make sure the surface you choose is sturdy, stable and large enough to handle multiple guests gathered around.


The beverage stations are the must-have item at parties for keeping guests happy and not thirsty, the latter is very important especially during a summer gathering. The best beverage station will include a variety of options, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, fresh fruit for garnish and flavor, appropriate glassware and lots of ice. Chalkboard tags and other signage are great for describing what’s in pre-mixed drinks, and which beverages contain alcohol and which don’t. Beverage dispensers made of clear glass are ideal for creating an attractive display, since the infused water or colorful juice within the dispensers can be seen clearly by the guests. Some guests might show up with something to add to the mix, such as beer, soda or wine,  it will be helpful to leave a little space on the drink station, or some room in your refrigerator for these beverages. And don’t forget put some cute napkins and straws to enrich the station. 


3.Add decorations

While flower arrangements are always lovely and well accepted, real or faux tropical greenery is a fresh and stunning way to decorate your summer party. The daisies, peonies, hibiscus, prayer plant, delicious eucalyptus, winding ivy and so on, there are countless vines, leaves, and shrubs to choose from and even more ways to decorate. Putting them in decorative grasses, metal or wooden containers to soften the perimeter and hard edges, they can acting as a foil for the concrete floor and rocks. You could make party festive and fun by string up palm leaves garland-style, or simply adding greenery on the dining tables.

Using a fabric or paper backdrop for your food and drink station will make it not only elegant, but also be the focal point of your party decorations. If your guests support the same team as you do, the sport team flag is good way to share you emotion and cheer the party mood.
Don't be afraid to go bold. Adding in elements of décor to walls or ceiling, such as hanging greenery/flower, colorful balloons, paper art, painted wall décor, cheer decorations/letters spelling out a name, initials, or cute saying. Get creative decorating cheer the mood and apply the theme to the tables.

While the DIY food and drink is important, the tableware and serveware should be well thought out as well. Not only does elegant or stylish tableware contribute to enhancing the ambience and dining experience of the meal, it also tells your treasured guests just how much you appreciate their company. With pre-organized by color, all-pink, all-blue, all-white, pattern, or theme, tableware itself become an entertaining. 
If you want to relax after a long day of cooking and fun night of entertaining, disposable party tableware are considerable as well, nowadays the one-time use tableware offer value packs of light paper plates, sturdier card stock plates hold up under heavy loads, or more elegant plastic plates. With various sizes, shapes, styles and colors, they will enhance your table settings and impress your guests just like ceramic and metal tableware. 
Last but not least, it will be a good idea to use tablecloths that can help set the mood. While white always works, sometimes it's fun to get a little festive or get seasonal styles.