Use inviting pool furniture to turn pool area into a backyard oasis

Summer is here! However, as hotter-than-usual days and nights in the summer are becoming more common and heat waves are more frequent, keeping cool and comfotable at home is getting more and more important, it could help you become not only relaxed but also more healthy. In order to achieve this good condition, an oasis with cool water, aka swimming pool, in your backyard in a good solution. It can turn your home into a staycation resort.

chaise lounge

Only a swimming pool by itself in the backyard is not complete, aesthetical, relaxing and inviting pool furniture, especially chaise lounges, are the necessary sidekicks. For poolside chaise lounge, it should be with full-body support and with an adjustable back, so you can select the right angle to make it ideal for relaxing, napping, sunbathing, reading, or just watching the time goes by with maximum comfort.
You could lay back and recline in the Tahiti chaise lounge. Its chic, sleek, and stylish style makes it easy for you to enjoy a refreshing drink, read your favorite book or catch a siesta! Made from high quality resin and UV additive, wihtout any metal parts, this chaise is durable and resistant to all weather elements, it could even be put in the water without worring about risk of rusting at all! For enjoying the sun at the poolside, this is the perfect outdoor piece! Position a couple of Tahiti chaise lounges next to the pool to work on your tan, and swim a bit anytime when the sun is too burning. Just remember to check the surface temperature before sitting down in case of burn injury.


Tahiti chaise lounge

If you are looking for something which is a little bit different from the traditional chaise lounge, the unique Angel’s Trumpet chaise lounge is the one to look at. The curves of the Angel’s Trumpet chair were designed to support your your back, hip and thigh, and to mantain a more sit-up-straight position, so you could enjoy sipping beverage, reading books or chatting with other people and being relaxed at the same time. The curves of the Angel’s Trumpet chair were designed according to the fluent curves of the flower, therefore it prevents water retention in the seat, and you could wipe it clean effortlessly with water and clothes. Also it is stackable for saving space when not in use. 


It goes without saying tables are needed for putting drinks, books, sun screen and other stuffs by the chaise lounges, and the Sprout table is perfect for this task. After you separate the top of Sprout table, the top becomes a serving tray for carrying snacks and beverages from kitchen to the pool, and just like the tray, its edge is higher than the middle to prevent things from falling down accidentally. Its two-stage pole makes height adjustment possible, the lower height makes it a coffee table and suits the chaise lounge, and the higher height is dining table that would work well with dinning chair, hence it is versatile and can be used in many places. By the way, since there would not be many stuffs to be put when stay by the pool, small-sized Mallorca rattan coffee table is another good choice besides the Sprout table.
Let's make the backyard pool intoan oasis with these inviting pool furniture to enjoy this summer!

Sprout 2-in-1 Round Side Table