Scandinavian pedestal dining tables, counter table, bar table that offer maximum chair space

Are you looking for new tables to refresh your room? The new Lagoon Heron and Oulu tables series are with pedestals, in many shapes and different heights: dining, counter, bar height to choose from. Since the pedestal leaves the corners free, you can get more chairs around, more leg room, and stools can easily be pushed under the table to save even more space. You could enjoy meal or have a good time more easily with Lagoon Heron and Oulu tables.

table height
Heron Tables Series

1. Dining table

Almost every family owns at least one dining table, and there are many shapes of table at the market to choose from, in here we are going to introduce the two most common top shapes: square top table(i.e. Lagoon Oulu series) and round top table(Lagoon Heron series). Simple design with a black and white palette makes Lagoon Oulu table series and Heron table series minimalist.
In order to fulfill different kinds of needs, the Heron (round) table series provide 2 different top sizes, which is diameter of 35.4"/90 cm for 4 people and wider space, and diameter of 27.6"/70cm for 2 people and compact space; the Oulu (square) table series is with only one top size, for 2 people. So just pick the one that fits you, according to the size of your family, the interior style you designed, or the place you want to locate it. Talk about the design, the Oulu (square) table series provide black or white top, comparing to the Heron table series are with white top only.
To match the style of table you could consider chairs with similar minimalist style such as: Milan Dining Chair, Whale Dining Chair and other contemporary Lagoon chairs. Togetheer they will become a good dining set, or your easy-but-creative woking space when working from home.

chaise lounge
Heron Accent Round Table & Penguin Leisure Dining Chairs
Tahiti chaise lounge
Heron Dining Table & Penguin Modern Dining Chair
dining table
Oulu Dining Table & Milan Dining Chair

2. Counter table

Comparing to the dining height table, we are usually feeling more comfortable with socializing around a counter height table, due to there is less height difference between sitting and standing. As the Oulu and Heron counter height tables bring a more casual feeling, you could place some snacks and drinks and have a lovely conversation, or as a secondary dining space in your home for light breakfast or some coffee. It would be a brilliant choice to locate the Oulu or Heron counter height tables near the window, so you could enjoy the view with ease. To match the Oulu/Heron counter table, Sensilla counter Stool will be the simple and go-to choice.

counter Table
Heron Counter Table & Sensilla Counter Stool
counter Table
Oulu Counter Table & Sensilla Counter Stool

3. Bar table

The bar sets is the perfect place to enjoy a post-work cocktail, throw parties or small get-togethers. Take advantage of a small space with the Oulu and Heron bar height tables for your home entertaining needs, they can be put at the corner, by the wall, in the entertainment room, alongside pool table or dartboard. It will be the perfect accessories to your decor at the same time. To match the Oulu/Heron bar table, light and steady Sensilla Bar Stool will be the simple and clever pick.

bar Table
Oulu Bar Table & Sensilla Bar Stool
bar Table
Heron Bar Table