How to turn your balcony into an urban oasis

The percentage of the American who lives in an apartment or condo is about 12%, according to the NMHC. Naturally for these people a backyard for play, relax or even swim in the pool is something they have to give up. However, if there is balcony or terrace attached, it can still be turned into a favorite outdoor hangout and even with a better view comparing to the backyard thanks to the elevated floor.
Here we want to share some of the creative decor ideas to enhance your balcony:


Take advantage of the balcony

1. Club Chairs Set

Most of the time, the apartments or condos are with balconies which is not very wide, and sometimes the balcony is even long & narrow. If you are lucky to have a balcony that is 6 feet deep or more, a sofa set might be the best choice to have in the balcony. Unwinding on the sofa with a cup of coffee and enjoy the skyline as time goes by, or having a good conversation with family or friend. 
The simplest layout would be locating two club chairs towards outside, with a side table in the middle. The Magnolia Club Chair and Magnolia Side Table is our recommendation when considering the balcony sofa set. Not only the Magnolia collections offers a look of nobility, both club chair and side table in consistent rattan texture and color, it is crafted to resist rust, weather, water, UV, and mildew, you can save a lot of time in cleaning and maintaining. Its outdoor performance fabric cushions provide padding and comfort, giving the collection an approachable aesthetic for anyone who wants to take a seat and relax.
Magnolia club chair

Magnolia club chair

2. Accent Chair with Coffee Table

If you are looking for adding some unique or stand-out furniture to the balcony, the Monstera outdoor collections are worth trying. The special shape of the Monstera collections is inspired by monstera leaves, emphasizing the rich curvatures of the leaf and its elliptical perforations. Besides the design, the wide seat provides plenty of space, you can put your feet on the seat very easily, and sit in any position you like. Monstera collections are with two kinds of legs, with the Monstera Rocking Chair you could kick back and rock it to release the pressure joyfully, on the other hand, the Monstera Accent Chair with fixed legs could be put with its back against the wall to save space.
The Mallorca Rattan Coffee Table is a wonderful sidekick of the Monstera Chair. The square and very simple design of this coffee table will be a good visual balance to the Monstera Chair, and the compact size of Mallorca Rattan Coffee Table making it very flexible to put locate when the Monstera Chair is definitely the key player and would occupies most of the space.
If you want the table top to be as close to you as possible, the Sprout 2-in-1 Round Side Table is the one you are looking for. Its pedestal structure dodges the side wing of Monstera chair perfectly, so you can access the stuffs on the table without obstacle. Its top can be easily removed and used as a serving tray to carry the snacks and beverages outside. The circular tray top features a raised rim that keeps potted plants, books, and other decorative objects safely corralled. The stand is adjustable in height making the Sprout table versatile and the ultimate in design.
Monstera rocking chair

Monstera rocking chair

3. Chaise Lounge with Coffee Table

If you want to use the chaise lounge in the balcony, but find out the ordinary 6-feet long chaise lounge is very hard to locate in the small balcony, whose depth is not always longer than 6 feet, you could consider the Angel’s Trumpet chaise lounge instead. The Angel's Trumpet chaise lounge is less than 4 feet long, as comfortable as it is visually pleasing, and best of all it is stackable. The simplest layout would be locating two Angel's Trumpet chaise lounges towards outside, with a side table in the middle. Both the Mallorca Rattan Coffee Table and Sprout 2-in-1 Round Side Table are good for staying between the chaise lounges. Sprout 2-in-1 Round Side Table is with larger table top, and the Mallorca Rattan Coffee Table can be an occasional stool when friends come by.

Angel's Trumpet chaise lounge with Sprout 2-in-1 Round Side Table

Last but not least, with a little creative thinking, you could transform the dull balcony into an irresistible summer retreat. Use a outdoor rug with bold pattern, artificial grass, or interlocking deck tiles on the concrete floor to change the and a treat for bare feet. An outdoor umbrella, canopy or even curtains will shelter you so you could stay outside for longer. Putting a planter wall could add greenery and set the tone for the lovely balcony, and provide more privacy, some string lights, lanterns or even candles on the sides or in the corner to add a festive touch.

Photo by Xinyi Zhang on Unsplash

Put plants and lights to create relax vibe

Regards the people who live in the spacious apartments or condos with large balcony or terrace, they can decorate their outdoor space it the same way as to any ordinary concrete patio in the backyard, adding both the dining set and sofa set, even a fireplace and so on. If you are one of the lucky ones, please refer to our article of the tips on how to arrange outdoor dining set, and outdoor sofa set