7 advantages of Lagoon Laurel Sectional Sofa

Sofas are associated with a formal style. But what if it were designed in a creative way? The laurel leaf symbolizes peace and creativity. The ancient Greeks utilized the laurel leaf as the symbol of glory and victory especially in Pythian Games. It sounds so lucky, right?

This season, Lagoon’s Laurel collection is worthy of this classical tradition. The main element, the Laurel leaf, is romantic and high quality enough to bring new life into your home. Are you ready to fall in love with the Laurel collection? Just continue reading this article!

Laurel Sofa 7215

7 advantages of Laurel collection:

1. You and your family members can customize your choices to suit your household needs: a single seat, loveseat, corner seat, or
assemble them altogether into a sectional sofa.
2. Just “Click” the Users Guide, easily and quickly assemble your sectional sofa. As carefree as assembling Legos.
3. All home environments whether industrial, minimalist or Nordic style, a suitable color of cushion can integrate them with the rest of the furniture, all of which makes your sectional sofa flourish.
4. Suitable for all lifestyles: noble singles, young couples, a family of four, or roommates that vary from three to five.
5. “Business Insider” said, DIY furniture assembly could repair a married couple’s dysfunctional relationship. As it further pointed out, when the couple are busy assembling furniture, they calm down. Working together creates a harmonious atmosphere and relationship, distracting them from petty issues and quarrels.
6. Perfect for a mobile lifestyle, as easy to take apart as it is to put together. No need for expensive movers. Just fit it in your SUV and off you go to your next new home.
7. Cleaning and maintenance sectional sofa become easy and convenient! Wipe off the laurel frame with a damp cleaning cloth and vacuum the upholstery clean and it looks good as new. Besides, robot vacuum cleaner can also enter the section below laurel sofa.
Wish to select furniture with creativity and unique style, and brighten up the ambience. Lagoon laurel collection definitely helps!