The best fabrics for outdoor cushions

Here are some facts you might not know about polypropylene fiber. It is also known as polyolefin. Polypropylene is widely used for sportswear, outdoor products, and various daily items including outdoor cushion fabrics. You might not have heard of it before, but more than likely, it’s already a part of your life. Compared with other fibers, polypropylene has some great features, as we mention below, which make it suitable for various applications.

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The advantages of polypropylene

Moisture transfer and quick drying

Polypropylene fiber does not absorb water, so it dries quickly. You can simply shake it to get rid of the water. It requires little maintenance, making it a good choice for busy people. It is great for sportswear. After exercise, when you sit on furniture, you won’t get that sticky feeling on your skin. Some synthetic fibers seal in the sweat so it stays in contact with the skin. However, polypropylene has good wicking properties, so any moisture can move through the fabric to reach the outer surface. And that also makes it the most suitable material for outdoor furniture.

Great durability: abrasion resistant and chemical resistant

Durability determines the lifespan of outdoor furniture material. The great water resistance of polypropylene allows it to retain its original strength when wet, making it suitable for outdoor furniture. If you live near the sea, it won’t be damaged by wind or salt water. Also, you can clean it with bleach or other powerful cleaning agents, as these don’t harm the fibers.

No bacterial survival

In general, when outdoor furniture is left outside in the winter without maintenance, the humidity can cause mold to grow. However, polypropylene fiber has no nutrients to provide, so bacteria and molds can’t survive on its surface.




The pigment in polypropylene is evenly distributed within each fiber, unlike post-dyed fibers where the dye is only on the surface. The color won’t fade or run. You can wash both dark- and light-colored clothes together without the colors mixing. Polypropylene is easy to clean in a washing machine, as the fibers won’t break or fade. So, you can use your outdoor furniture for BBQs and all sorts of event. 

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Environmentally friendly

All items made of 100% polypropylene can be fully recycled. Moreover, since polypropylene contains only carbon and hydrogen, it does not produce any toxic gas or other types of pollution when incinerated.


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