What is Aquaponics? 6 Benefits of the Plant-Fish Symbiosis

What is Aquaponics? How does it work?

What is aquaponics?“Aquaponics” starts with the process of mineralization and nitrification of fish excreta, which then turns into the nutrients absorbed by the vegetables and achieves purification of the water quality. 


This is an ancient food production system that has been handed down ages ago, and the process of aquaponics involves aquacultural engineering, water quality analysis and management, microbiology, handling of live fish, and cold chain systems. 


Aquaponics allows children to explore new knowledge, learn about the mysteries of life, and develop a sense of responsibility. All of these have a positive impact on their development. 


Growing vegetables and fish together can promote family members to harmoniously interact with one another, and is highly effective in educating the youth and providing nourishment to elders.

What is aquaponics: the cycle of aquaponics


After talking about what is Aquaponics, let’s introduce you the Lagoon Laquaponic. 

When it comes to aquaponics, there should be a large piece of farmland and plenty of sophisticated equipment. The Lagoon Laquaponic is specifically designed for families to enjoy“fresh vegetables” without traveling to distant farms just for fresh vegetables. 


The Laquaponic System is best placed on the balcony, in the living room, and kitchen since people can pick up some lettuce and arugula along with some nuts and fruit in the morning when they go to the balcony, add some sweet and sour sauce to create a plate of freshly-made salad. 


The family can then sit in the living room and enjoy watching“farmer fishes” swim around in the tank, and feed them as they farm. There is a bountiful supply of green onions and garlic, and people can simply pick some basil leaves and green onions to cook up some delicious dishes. 


Fresh vegetables can be grown and picked in a month, and people get to have fun raising fish while also getting to pick vegetables that they grew themselves. With the Laquaponic  providing nourishment, health, and educational value, people learn to live harmoniously with the fish, vegetables, and germs! 

Grandparents teaching a kid how to pick up tomatoes

The Lagoon Laquaponic is highly effective in educating children and providing nutrition for adults.
A child holding a plant
Close look at the Lagoon laquaponic
Water-grown vegetables

Eat local and in-season fresh greens

Casually add greens to your breakfast, and add some fragrances to your dishes.

Popularizing and educating children about knowledge

Balancing and siphoning, plant and culture, managing water quality…

Easily grow vegetables and fish

There’s no need to fertilize the vegetables, and there’s no need to change the water for the fishes.
The Lagoon Laquaponic - What is aquaponics
Natural and non-toxic grown plants
Two people holding vegetables, smiling at each other

Cleanly grow vegetables indoors

Grow vegetables without being impeded by the environment (wind, rain, temperatures…), it’s easy and clean.

Natural, non-toxic, and safe

There is no fertilizer, pollution, or heavy metal as the “farmer fishes” keep everything safe.

Relieve stress, provide plenty of nutrition

Watching the fish swim around can be quite relaxing, grow vegetables elegantly while you grow and develop yourself.
The Lagoon Laquaponic creates zero carbon footprints
The Lagoon Laquaponic has super low consumption, saving lots of energy